Hello Everyone. We’ll start this year with our predictions for 2014. This year we’ll see the industry gain a lot of momentum towards adoption, with a significant increase in the Desktop Virtualization Market. As far as the technology is concerned, here is what is exciting in our space.

Cloud Hosted Desktops and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

This is the year for DaaS. That’s what everyone seems to think and there is a lot of buzz in the industry with VMwares acquisition of Desktone and Amazon releasing WorkSpaces to be one of the first movers in the market. People have started to talk about DaaS seriously and are debating if it’ll be a fit for their Enterprise. In our opinion we will not see explosive adoption as some have predicted.

The interest has started to increase over the last 5 months however not a lot of people in the US are searching for a ‘Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution’. A quick Google analysis reveals this number to be less than 4,000 users per month which is less than a third of the number of users searching for VDI. One may argue that this is not 100 percent accurate but it gives you a very good idea of where things are heading.

To summarize, people will continue to evaluate DaaS with an increased interest with some adoption as well, however most will wait and see how the technology matures this year.

Thin Clients, Zero Clients, HTML 5 and Mobile Clients

2013 saw a reduction in the popularity of Thin Clients as Zero Client sales increased. There has also been an increased interest in HTML 5 and Mobile Clients as they cater to most of the mobility needs of an enterprise. This trend will continue in 2014 and we will see an increased adoption of Zero Clients owing to their enhanced manageability and ease of use versus Thin Clients.

In addition to this, HTML 5 based clients have significantly improved performance over the years and give a glimpse into the future where netbooks or low cost Chromebooks will act as a portable mobile client that allows you to access your virtual machine from anywhere at anytime. Some of the most notable developments can be seen in Ericoms Blaze, a powerful HTML 5 RDP client as well as Mainframe2 a product which allows you to run any software in a browser. The importance of browser based clients has also grabbed VMware and Googles attention and they have partnered to bring Horizon DaaS to Chromebooks.

There is yet another area which is improving significantly and is helping to lower the cost of VDI adoption and bring forth a Zero Client experience. This is the System on Chip (SoC) client, spearheaded by Citrix with low cost affordable clients being offered by NComputing. SoC clients are gaining a lot of popularity and will eventually present a low cost high performance ARM based embedded client which is protocol agnostic. Even though a lot of vendors are claiming to do that now, their performance is nowhere near to what it is supposed to be.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Flexibility in BYOD policies from Enterprises will continue this year, increasing the different types of devices (cell phones and tablets) that are used by employees. VMware acquired AirWatch (the enterprise mobile device management platform) keeping this trend in mind and the fact that it will add value to their product suite.

Building on BYOD, we will see a customized version of Android as the OS for embedded devices with high performing clients for VMware View, Citrix Receiver and Microsofts RDP with RemoteFX support. Though we haven’t come across one with the performance we want, we’re quite sure to have one to show you very soon 😉

Stay tuned to our blog as this year progresses and technological advancements continue leading to significant reshaping of the Virtual Desktop market.