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Yes, VDI Is Enhancing Healthcare Delivery While Protecting Patient Data

Looking at today's healthcare landscape, we see an industry which is on the crossroads of change largely catalyzed by the rapid expanse of healthcare technologies. From ensuring strict compliance to [...]

October 14th, 2015|General & Informational, Learning about VDI|

VDI: Upgrading Your Institute’s Technology, Strategically & Cost-Effectively

In a technology-centric world, innovation plays a greater role in determining the success of learning outcomes. A survey conducted by Harris Poll for Pearson Education this year indicated that most [...]

Just when you thought the party was over, VDI is still jamming!

We've talked about it before, and we're talking about it again. Cloud providers have dabbled in the past with cloud desktops with little success, but the market demands have intervened. [...]

Microsoft Licensing for Virtual Desktops Explained

  We quite often get asked the same question every once in a while: "How much do Microsoft licenses cost for implementing Virtual Desktops, VDI, DaaS or getting a cloud [...]

VDIworks named to CRN’s 2014 Data Center 100: 20 Virtualization Providers List

We're absolutely thrilled at being named to CRN's 2014 list. Both our Virtual Desktop Platform as well as VDI PRO were named for being innovative and user friendly in addition [...]

March 3rd, 2014|General & Informational|

VDI Payoffs Well & No Longer A Hyped Technology

  Long gone are the days when VDI was merely a hyped term. For the past four years the virtualization community has heralded each successive year as the "Year of [...]

VMBlog talks to VDIworks about the future of virtualization

VMBlog is one of the oldest, and one of our most favourite online virtualization publications. We’ve been fans for a while and have enjoyed their broad coverage of companies and technologies in the VDI space. Recently, VMBlog sat down to talk with Amir Husain, our President and CEO, about his views on the future of virtualization generally, and VDI specifically. The discussion was pretty interesting! Here’s an extract, followed by a link the VMBlog piece: “One idea whose time I believe has finally arrived, is Desktops-as-a-Service. Under this model, the device will no longer primarily be an OS/application execution endpoint, but rather a visualization layer – a window into a virtual computer with unlimited capacity, growing and shrinking in an elastic fashion at some highly secure remote datacenter. Of course, end point devices will provide ever richer means of interaction via multi-touch gestures, visual cues ala Kinect, voice recognition ala Siri and numerous other methods. This means that processing at the endpoint will still occur, it will just be of a different nature. […]

November 25th, 2011|General & Informational, VDI Architecture, VDI News|

Virtual Strategy Magazine interviews Amir Husain, CEO of VDIworks

Virtual Strategy Magazine is one of the premier publications covering the virtualization industry. They recently conducted an extensive interview with our CEO, Amir Husain, on a variety of topics. Some interesting extracts are listed below, along with a link to the full interview: VSM: It is never a one size fits all when it comes to customer requirements within an establishment. Is VDIworks only providing a solution for a niche market with specific needs or can VDIworks help companies in general with their management of physical, as well as virtual, resources? AH: ThatÔÇÖs a great question. As I explained previously, we believe that virtual resource management in of itself is almost meaningless. There is no such thing as a virtual resource in isolation. It needs a physical server, a Hypervisor, a physical network, a connection to a physical endpoint, and so on and so forth. Virtualization is wonderful as an abstraction and it has many benefits, but it does not replace the need for physical management. We understand that, and the design approach weÔÇÖve taken with our products mirrors that understanding. ThatÔÇÖs precisely why we support management standards like WMI, IPMI, AMT and SNMP to provide integration with physical system components. Physical and virtual resources are both first-class managed assets in our management console. […]

November 21st, 2011|General & Informational, Industry Analysis, VDI News|

VDIworks is one of the top 15 desktop virtualization vendors according to CRN!

CRN Magazine recently placed us on their Virtualization 100 list, which was gratifying to say the least! But it only got better... because they followed up with a [...]

November 14th, 2011|General & Informational, Industry Analysis|

VDIworks to showcase exciting Virtual Desktop solutions at GITEX 2009 in Dubai

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations on the planet and GITEX is fast becoming the most important IT show on the globe. With over 120,000 visitors expected this year, and over 3,000 major companies, GITEX now overshadows almost all other tech events. VDIworks will be showcasing its ground breaking Virtual Desktop and Systems Management technologies at GITEX. As usual, we promise to put up an excellent show! We’ll be demo’ing our flagship management product, VDP (Virtual Desktop Platform), our endpoint virtualization solution, VDIworks2Go, and of course, our blazing fast remoting protocol, VideoOverIP. Our presence at GITEX is a first for VDIworks and is part of our growing focus on EMEA as a region. The Information Technology market in the Middle East has been growing at a breathtaking pace. […]

October 16th, 2009|General & Informational, Industry Analysis, VDI News|