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Add value to Microsoft’s virtualization platform? Yes, we can!

Greg Shields, writing for, covers technologies that add value on top of Microsoft’s virtualization stack. We’re pleased to see that Greg included VDIworks’ robust connection broker as one of the highlighted technologies. If you’ve been following our progress, you will probably be aware that VDIworks has been one of the leading desktop virtualization vendors in terms of the breadth and depth of support for the Microsoft platform. For instance, we were the first vendor to deliver a management plug-in for System Center that allows all of our core brokering, thinclient management and vendor-agnostic hypervisor capabilities to be accessed from within SCOM. In addition to System Center, we were also one of the first vendors to announce support for the then-unreleased Hyper-V hypervisor. For those of you who have extensive Microsoft infrastructure deployed in your environments, here’s a partial list of Microsoft technologies we support: […]

July 6th, 2009|General & Informational, Underneath the Hood|

How to build an Application Virtualization Framework

Amir’s warning: this article contains a modest amount of code. I often characterize desktop virtualization technologies in four different segments; virtual desktops that run on the client or endpoint, virtual desktops that are hosted, (hosted) application virtualization via seamless windows, and finally, client-side application virtualization where the bits of an app are streamed down to the endpoint and locally executed. As you might already know, VDIworks is in the business of providing hosted virtual desktops, and the innovation planned on our roadmap will soon merge hosted VDI and endpoint VDI into a single category. Running Hypervisors on endpoints, among other things, supports the “disconnected use-case”, i.e. allows you access to your desktop even when you don’t have network connectivity. For situations where you might be travelling in an airplane, this can be important. However, when you are connected to the network, hosted VDI will most often provide you with the best experience by making use of the compute capacity of the datacenter. In most cases, this will dwarf what your local device – whatever it might be – can provide. […]

July 1st, 2008|Underneath the Hood, VDI Architecture|