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Evolution: Virtualization As It Unfolded Into the Juggernaut It Is Today

A deep-dive into the world of virtualization would teleport you back to 1968, when IBM laid down the foundations for the CP-67 system in response to requirements from MIT & [...]

The Role of Connection Brokering in VDI

Anyone trying to answer the question of how does virtualization work is bound to come across one of the most critical components of VDI, namely the connection broker. Here's the [...]

November 2nd, 2015|Learning about VDI, VDI Architecture, VDI Solutions|

Why should your VDI solution be Hypervisor-agnostic?

We often make the point that since the Hypervisor market is nascent, you don’t quite know whether what is best of breed today will remain so 12 or 18 months down the road. This reality must be factored into your decision making process when you choose a VDI vendor. Down the road, when you swap out the Hypervisor for another, the rest of your VDI stack shouldn’t come tumbling down! Unfortunately, since many hypervisor companies are so completely dependent on their Hypervisor revenue streams, they are also doing everything they can to tie their Virtual Desktop solutions exclusively┬áto their brand of hypervisor. VDM2 from VMware being one example of this phenomenon. A recent game of verbal ping-pong between Simon Crosby, Citrix’ CTO and Brian Madden, Virtualization Blogger Extraordinaire,┬áhas shed further light on just how important Hypervisor-agnosticism truly is. If you read the full posts on either side, you’ll find that there is general disagreement on how different Hypervisor platforms are going to evolve, whether key players will continue to invest in certain platforms down the road, and whether newcomers, such as KVM, have any legs to stand on in terms of market acceptance (not just technology). […]

July 6th, 2008|Industry Analysis, VDI Solutions|