VDIworks offers a simple, scalable VDI software solution that’s ideal for educational institutions, enabling K-12 IT teams to deliver a powerful desktop experience to students and faculty at a fraction of the cost of traditional desktop computers. At the same time, security and manageability are improved through centralization of critical data and infrastructure.

Through the power of virtualization, VDIworks provides students and instructors with remote access to educational materials on demand. No longer confined to the location and capability of a single desktop, users can access whatever desktop or application they need from virtually anywhere in a classroom, at the library, at a restaurant, while traveling, or at home. Never before has it been so easy to transition to virtual desktops whether you’re facing a Windows upgrade or a hardware refresh, VDIworks has the ideal solution for educational computing. The VDIworks software is the most complete and easiest to use integrated virtual and physical desktop management platform on the market.

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