As an innovative company with patented technology, we pride ourselves in the level of proximity that we maintain with our global partner network. Our partners not only enjoy access to cutting-edge technology that lets them outdo the competition and increase their market share, but they also relish year-round engagement and updates that only a company with our devotion and dedication can manage.

VMware Horizon View Functionality at a FRACTION of the Cost

We fully understand the capabilities of competing products such as VMware Horizon View and have let our technological prowess craft the perfect answer to those. VDIworks VDP provides holistic end-to-end VDI management by advantageously tying in all aspects of it: connection brokering, VM management, health, alerting, inventory, physical management, connection brokering and much more. Having everything in one suite means removing the need to pay for unnecessary and separate licenses to ensure more functionality. Oh, and did we mention it’s only half the price?

Simple Licensing Model

Our pricing model makes life easier for our partners by ensuring that there are no unnecessary or extra charges whatsoever. The straightforward pricing guarantees that you won’t face a stumbling block when discussing pricing with prospective clients. We have a one-time user license that comes bundled with a full year of support, and for the second year, purchasing support is optional.

A Trusted Brand. VDIworks makes VDI WORK!

With more than 20 patents and five generations of proven success in multiple enterprise environments, our brand and market perception is built on solid foundations. We’ve amassed a reputation for creating market-disruptive technologies and most importantly, growing and sustaining them via a world-class support infrastructure for our partners, as well as end-users. We’re there when partners or clients need us to be!

Leverage any Hypervisor (We are agnostic)

Our technology being hypervisor-agnostic means that it tactically enables entities to enjoy the freedom of choosing any solution they want and avoid vendor-lock-in. Moreover, integration of leading Hypervisor APIs guarantees seamless management of Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere virtual machines.

Strong Margin Opportunities Licensing, Maintenance and Services

We firmly believe that our progress is linked to the success of our partners, and enabling them to gain maximum benefit out of our technology, technically and financially. A testament to that ethos is the strong margin opportunities we provide our partners across licensing, maintenance and the actual service provision.

Flexible Amortization/Billing

On top of our simple pricing, we’ve gone the extra mile and ensured flexible payment options that make it easier to enjoy our technology and pay for it. Customers can break down their payments in convenient installments and utilize our solution without disturbing their budgetary cycles. Just another reason why VDIworks is synonymous with customer-centricity!

On-Premise/In Cloud/Hybrid Solutions

We fully understand that every customer is unique and has different needs, putting the one-size-fits-all approach out of question. We have an array of diverse VDI solution-delivery methods to synergize with different enterprise and industry demands, and allow them to utilize our innovation whilst staying within the bounds of their budgets and technological requirements.

Our multi-dimensional approach to solution-delivery guarantees that our partners will always have something to offer to their clients, instead of worrying about the competition outdoing them in terms of harmonizing with market demand.

Key Partnerships and Technology Alliances

There is always something to gain by striking strategic alliances with key stakeholders in the technology world, which enable entities to create win-win situations and extend their own market reach. Consequently, we have vital partnerships in place with different and key players in the storage provider, cloud provider, and infrastructure spaces.

These relationships empower our partner network to offer and deploy world-class VDI solutions and remove the need for the end-user to go other places to meet any ancillary technology needs. Yes, we enable you to become the ultimate one-stop shop for customers!

100% Channel Focused

A promise that we’ve upheld from the start, we will always let you take care of the customer-facing fronts such as client acquisition. Our focus was, and remains, building world-class technology and facilitating you with the sales and marketing aspects. We don’t sell direct.

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