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VDIworks provides a number of solutions for Cloud Computing. We support both the storage-in-the-cloud and compute-in-the-cloud models. Our VDIworks2Go platform allows virtual machines to be stored in the cloud and downloaded whenever the end user needs to use them. In this model, the virtual machines are provisioned, stored and backed up in the Cloud and available for connected or offline use as the end-user desires. If the endpoint device that runs these VMs is lost, the cloud copy is safe and secure, available for use as soon as the end-user logs on from a different laptop or desktop.

Through our connection brokering and management platform, VDP, we are able to provide full support for the compute-in-the-cloud model. Not only is VDP able to provide identity management and top-tier connection brokering, its support for Xen, Hyper-V, ESX and VMware Server allow corporate clouds to be constructued with the most cost-effective, efficient building blocks. VDP is the glue that ties Hypervisors and Servers together into a managed cloud. Physical and Virtual monitoring are strong suites of the VDP offering and these come together perfectly with built-in load balancing, Active Directory authentication and support for half-a-dozen remoting protocols to round out your desktops as a service (DaaS) or compute-in-the-cloud offering.

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