Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization


Desktop Virtualization VDIworks is the leader in robust, vendor agnostic desktop virtualization solutions. We provide a full spectrum of VDI offerings, from management, connection brokering and thin client support to remoting protocols, over-the-wire virtual machine checkout and endpoint VDI.

Our Virtual Desktop Platform combines an impressive array of capabilities, such as physical systems management, thin client management, VM inventory, provisioning, health, remote control, self-healing, alerting, out-of-band monitoring, Hypervisor management for Xen, ESX and Hyper-V, VDI load balancing, and support for RDP, RGS, VideoOverIP, PCoIP (PC-over-IP), VNC, TCX and ClearCube analog protocols. There is no other solution on the market today that can deliver the breadth of capabilities that VDP delivers to our customers.

In addition to VDP and its strong support for the hosted desktop virtualization model, VDI PRO, our virtual appliance solution allows VMs to be provisioned and connected to in under 4 hours. Users can simply connect from any HTML 5 capable browser from virtually any device and take the advantage of a full blown windows desktop from anywhere in the world. VDI PRO integrates with Active Directory importing your corporate accounts making sure you take your business with you where ever you go.

Finally, our VideoOverIP protocol provides the most inexpensive, efficient and highly-capable multimedia enabled remoting solution for VDI environments. When you run VideoOverIP across your LAN, your end users benefit from an experience that is virtually indistinguishable from a local desktop. Videos run in full colour and with excellent fidelity, regardless of the codec they were encoded with. Multiple monitors come alive, providing vast desktop real estate that high end users cannot do without. Sound redirection is supported both for high-fidelity speakers and microphones, allowing analog inputs on thin clients to be leveraged seamlessly for VoIP or other applications. And all of this is done with an application that takes about 5 minutes to install and gives you the option of independent operation, or full integration with the VDP connection brokering stack.

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