Virtual Desktops for Education

Virtual Desktops for Education

Virtual desktops are fully functional computers that actually operate outside the classroom or lab. Students and teachers still have a monitor and a keyboard, but the “brains” are centrally located (like in a data center), therefore vastly reducing maintenance, upgrade, and power consumption costs.

We provide the virtual desktop components including software, hardware and expert services to set up the VDI for schools and school districts who have budgets allocated to refresh their existing desktop PC’s or to migrate to newer technologies.

What our customers want

  • to reduce computer maintenance and power costs
  • efficient uses of resources (like teachers and computer equipment) without increasing time or space requirements
  • easy access to saved work anywhere on campus

We can help you set up a new lab and provide all the hardware and software you need, in a bundle ustomized for your environment. Or we can work with your existing PCs and make them more power efficient, secure, and improve their reliability while adding software that enables Virtual Desktop computing in your labs and classrooms.

Please allow us to schedule a free consultation to determine if your school or district is a candidate for this exciting technology!

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