Virtual Desktops for the Enterprise

Virtual Desktops for the Enterprise


If you have more than 2500 desktop PC’s in your environment, then you qualify for our Enterprise pricing and service levels. Organizations all over the world are finding that by using Virtual Desktops they can lower their energy costs, improve management, deliver a more reliable experience to end-users and get disaster recovery and backup capabilities they have never had before! But what many Virtual Desktop vendors don’t tell you is that there can be several pitfalls too. For example:

  • Not every Virtual desktop system gives your end users the snappy visual experience they are used to. Many VDI solutions have trouble playing back videos and other fast moving content.
  • Setting up most vendors’ VDI solutions can be complex with numerous servers, protocols and components that need to be installed and configured.
  • The software costs for VDi solutions on a per-seat basis can be fairly high because most VDI vendors stuff their solutions with a lot of extras you don’t really need.

At VDIworks, we take simpler approach. We deliver all the benefits of desktop virtualization to your organization and your end-users, without the complexity.

With our blazing fast VideoOverIP protocol and our comprehensive VDP management software, we address all the challenges you would encounter with other VDI vendors.

  • With our VideoOverIP protocol you get a lightning fast multimedia experience with multi-monitor support. Your users can play videos and enjoy other fast moving visual experiences without any of the performance challenges usually associated with VDI.
  • We have also engineered our solution to be extremely simple. If you have a small environment and don’t need sophisticated brokering and a high-end hypervisor, our VideoOverIP installs in under 10 minutes, runs independently of any other components and supports FREE Hypervisors like VMware Server and open source Xen! So now you have a high-end VDI environment running on FREE hypervisors of your choice.
  • If you decide you want premium management and connection brokering features, our Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) management product extends vendor-agnostic management and brokering capabilities and differentiated functionality unavailable through any other vendor.
  • Finally, our solutions are far more cost-effective and cost-competitive as compared to the 800lbs gorillas of virtualization. We are not interested in forcibly stuffing software applications to increase your per-seat costs – regardless of whether you need them or not. We are dedicated to delivering just the right amount of capability for your situation, with an open solution that can expand, grow and scale as your needs evolve.


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