Virtual Desktops for Financial Services

Virtual Desktops for Financial Services


If you are providing financial services to clients, then computer uptime, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans are essential to your day-to-day operations.

We provide virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)  including software, hardware and expert services to financial services companies who need solid IT operations, want to increase the security of physical systems and data, and who want to reduce the support costs and the headache factor of repairing, upgrading and managing desktop PC’s and laptops.
Perhaps the thought of an infrastructure shift to virtual desktops is daunting?

With our physical and virtual management from a single application coupled with our bundled approach, we can help ease you into VDI.

Why consider VDIworks?

  • We don’t lock you into a single Hypervisor platform. We support ESX, VMware Server, Xen and Hyper-V. You can concurrently run multiple Hypervisors in your environment, or can move to a new solution, without impacting your existing install at all.
  • We are protocol agnostic and support over half-a-dozen remoting protocols. So you can use the same tools to deliver a high end dedicated desktop experience to your power users, while catering to your knowledge and task workers too.
  • With our VDIworks 2Go plugin to our Virtual Desktop Platform, we are able to provide VM checkout for disconnected operation and endpoint virtualization. So with our solution, you get both hosted and endpoint virtualization in a single package.
  • We provide a host of features which no competitor delivers, including:
  • Universal discovery for all thin clients, desktops, servers, Hypervisors, AD users and VMs.
  • API-level integration with VMware ESX, Hyper-V and Xen for simple Hypervisor management tasks.
  • Power management of VMs and physical systems.
  • Self healing and Alerting.
  • Inventory & Health.
  • Remote control of Thinclients, VMs and hosts.
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