Some common concerns pose barriers to embracing a VDI solution, while others make managing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure cumbersome and challenging. Our strategy eliminates the six concerns listed below through partnering with our customers and providing an end-to-end solution from pre-sales consulting to deployment and post-sale support.


Generally, the biggest barrier to adoption is price. WeÔÇÖve been asked 9 out of 10 times of any associated hidden costs and what it takes to acquire a successful solution. Cost per desktop can range from $550 to $1200 depending on the specifications you choose and how the economies of scale come into play on the total number of users. We believe in helping our customers find the most cost effective solution that meets the end users requirements through using our network of technology alliances and partners.


One of the main concerns for IT Admins and solution architects is the amount of bandwidth a Virtual Desktop environment will consume over their corporate networks. In real world scenarios, networks have already been laid out and or planned not keeping a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in mind. Typically, bandwidth consumption varies with the type of remoting protocol being used to deliver the desktops pixels to the clients device. While network traffic fluctuates depending on what the user is doing i.e. editing a document or watching a video, it also spikes when sending data from the client device back to the VM.

Fortunately, the VDIworks solution is geared to handling all these scenarios which is why our Clients love us. WeÔÇÖre able to integrate with most of the available remoting protocols leveraging the unique benefits in each depending on your network infrastructure. Moreover, our team of experts will help you plan your virtual desktop environment in such a way that you wonÔÇÖt have to worry about bandwidth issues.


There have been several examples in the VDI world where VDI has failed due to lack of storage planning. This does not mean that there was a lack of hundreds of terabytes but a shortage of IOPS (input output per second). IOPS measure the rate at which data can be written to and read from a Hard Disk Drive. Depending on the usage and type of user a Windows 7 desktop can generate up to 50 IOPS whereas a standard HDD can support several times that amount depending on what type of Hard Disk it is (SATA, SAS or SSD). Since in a Virtual Desktop environment everything is being shared a HDD ends up housing several operating systems each generating their IOPS. If not properly sized this tends to become a bottleneck reducing performance as users pile up during the day.

The Virtual Desktop experts at VDIworks help you avoid just that! We plan your infrastructure smartly and leverage our partners storage solution which allows inline deduplication and compression. This allows the same Hard Disks to manage more IOPS and eliminate any bottlenecks that may arise given the smoothest remote desktop experience possible.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With the emergence of the smartphone there are a plethora of devices that any organization has. Ranging from iPhones, iPads, Android based gadgets to Windows Phones and tablets these devices have become a part of our everyday lives. No one wants to use a device that they are not familiar with and always want to access everything especially from their phones. And why shouldnÔÇÖt they! the more comfortable users are the more productive theyÔÇÖll be and contribute in a net positive way. This is one of the key focus areas of VDIworks where we allow users to connect to their virtual desktop from virtually any device which is HTML 5 capable. We also support native applications on the most popular platforms such as the App Store, Google Play and the Windows App Store.

Are you VDI ready?

At VDIworks we truly believe that VDI works. We donÔÇÖt try and fit VDI where its not needed. We work with our customers to understand the requirements and evaluate their infrastructure to determine if VDI is the best solution. We developed a 2 step VDI assessment tool which allows us to determine the feasibility of VDI in individual environments. WeÔÇÖve helped several of our clients realize that using session based virtual desktops was the best solution for them and many others have been convinced to go down the independent VM route. It all depends on your use case and our experts are just a phone call away to answer any VDI questions.


We work with you as an extension of your team to deliver world class solutions and ensure the success of your project from pre-sales to implementation and post-sale support services.