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Hypervisors: Why Vendor-Agnosticism Is Mission-Critical to VDI Success Today

As businesses increasingly turn to virtualization as a strategic option that ensures more agility & productivity, the VDI industry is matching demand with more innovation than it ever did previously. [...]

December 2nd, 2015|Virtualization, Virtualization Benefits|

Alpine ISD Chooses VDIworks for Virtual Desktops

Texas School Chooses Austin Firm to Upgrade Desktops While Reducing Costs Austin, TX Thursday 25th June, 2015 VDIworks, a leading provider of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, today announced that [...]

June 25th, 2015|Newsroom|

VDIworks to showcase exciting Virtual Desktop solutions at GITEX 2009 in Dubai

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations on the planet and GITEX is fast becoming the most important IT show on the globe. With over 120,000 visitors expected this year, and over 3,000 major companies, GITEX now overshadows almost all other tech events. VDIworks will be showcasing its ground breaking Virtual Desktop and Systems Management technologies at GITEX. As usual, we promise to put up an excellent show! We’ll be demo’ing our flagship management product, VDP (Virtual Desktop Platform), our endpoint virtualization solution, VDIworks2Go, and of course, our blazing fast remoting protocol, VideoOverIP. Our presence at GITEX is a first for VDIworks and is part of our growing focus on EMEA as a region. The Information Technology market in the Middle East has been growing at a breathtaking pace. […]

October 16th, 2009|General & Informational, Industry Analysis, VDI News|

VideoOverIP Broadcast/Multi-Receiver mode enters Alpha

Our remote desktop protocol, VideoOverIP, ┬áis evolving very, very rapidly. Over just the last three months, we’ve added a litany of features and performance improvements. The gap between VideoOverIP and other protocols continues to widen. Just at a high-level, here’s a re-cap: 1) Support for Xen, VMware ESX and VMware Server 2) Audio input capability without requiring USB redirection; this means analog front-panel inputs on a Thinclient will work without customers needing to invest in a separate USB headset. 3) Multimonitor mode 4) Significant optimizations for Hyper-V; low CPU usage and excellent performance 5) Support for OpenGL and DirectX.┬áDirectX 10 in 1:1 mode And we’re now upping the ante with a very important feature lots of customers have been asking for: […]

October 1st, 2009|General & Informational, User Experience|

VideoOverIP was a hit at BriForum!

BriForum is always a great show and this year was no different. It’s great to mingle with true technologists and folks that really “get” virtualization. Conversations here are different than at your standard, “hand out the glossy” tradeshow. You get a tough audience asking difficult questions, but that’s ok, because they’re mostly well thought out. So, it was especially gratifying to see our new remoting protocol, VideoOverIP, generate large scale interest and get such awesome feedback at a venue like this. This being BriForum, we didn’t want to just show up with a Powerpoint (lame!) marketing flash presentations or datasheets. We went there with a live demonstration showing VideoOverIP running on a dual-monitor system. We chose relatively low-cost, run-of-the-mill Thinkpads as both client and host, just to make the point that there wasn’t a supercomputer behind the curtain rigged to show a “better than real” demonstration. We had another system running a Hypervisor with a group of Virtual Machines┬á managed by VDIworks VDP, our connection brokering and VDI management app. […]

August 4th, 2009|General & Informational, User Experience, VDI News|

Add value to Microsoft’s virtualization platform? Yes, we can!

Greg Shields, writing for, covers technologies that add value on top of Microsoft’s virtualization stack. We’re pleased to see that Greg included VDIworks’ robust connection broker as one of the highlighted technologies. If you’ve been following our progress, you will probably be aware that VDIworks has been one of the leading desktop virtualization vendors in terms of the breadth and depth of support for the Microsoft platform. For instance, we were the first vendor to deliver a management plug-in for System Center that allows all of our core brokering, thinclient management and vendor-agnostic hypervisor capabilities to be accessed from within SCOM. In addition to System Center, we were also one of the first vendors to announce support for the then-unreleased Hyper-V hypervisor. For those of you who have extensive Microsoft infrastructure deployed in your environments, here’s a partial list of Microsoft technologies we support: […]

July 6th, 2009|General & Informational, Underneath the Hood|

VDIworks and ClearCube collaborating on a really simple, really inexpensive Virtualization Bundle

One of the biggest issues with deploying desktop virtualization can be the end-to-end solution complexity. You’ve got to get the thinclients in place, source the servers, get a hypervisor up and running, management, protocols… as the King of Siam used to famously say in “The King and I”, “Etcetra, etcetera, etcetera!” And right behind the complexity, of course, can be the price. If you don’t architect the right solution, put the optimal number of users on a server, and ensure that the correct thinclient choices are made, your costs can balloon. […]

February 26th, 2009|Ease of use, VDI News|

VDIworks now a featured Microsoft Virtualization Solution Partner

For a long time now, we’ve been very bullish on Microsoft’s Virtual Infrastructure. VDIworks was the first Desktop Virtualization company to fully integrate our solution with Microsoft’s flagship System Center Operations Manager platform. As many of you know, we’ve been supporting Microsoft Virtual Server for years. We had our product integrated with Hyper-V since the day the hypervisor was launched. Before I go on I do want to clarify what I mean by “integrated”. It’s clearly one of those terms a lot of people throw around. In the latest Orwellian twist, it turns out some animals are indeed more equal than others! While other connection broker vendors support Hyper-V to the extent of┬á brokering a connection to a VM hosted by it (yawn..), we actually integrate with it to discover VMs on your network as Hyper-V hosted (as opposed to ESX or Xen), we power manage the physical host running the Hyper-V hypervisor, provide full health and alerting on all Hyper-V VMs in-band, provide management of the physical host out-of-band, implement WMI sensor based self-healing AND provide remote control of the Hyper-V host as well as hosted VMs… […]

December 2nd, 2008|General & Informational, VDI News|

VDIworks2Go combines Endpoint Virtualization with Hosted VDI

We┬áwouldn’t have led with that headline on the press release to avoid the ‘huh?!’ effect, but I can take liberties here. We’re coming out with an awesome product called VDIworks2Go and it’ll be shipping before the end of the year. This is┬áan extension to our current Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) which already provides full end-to-end management in a hosted VDI environment. With VDIworks2Go, we’ll be able to support seamless virtual machines check-in and check-out. In effect, VDIworks2Go installed, VDP’s connection brokering interface will let you inform the system that you are about to disconnect from the network┬áand hence need a checked out copy of your VM. The VM gets streamed over to you and executes locally using a virtual machine player.┬á When you reconnect to the network, you can check the VM back in so that it can execute on a fast server, without taking up your local resources. […]

November 24th, 2008|User Experience, VDI Architecture, VDI News|

Redlands wins the Infoworld 100 award for their VDIworks Virtual Desktop implementation

We’ve been working with the wonderful folks over at Redlands Community Hospital for over a year now. When we initially met with them to chat about their vision for the future of IT at their hospital, we knew their plans were both exciting and cutting edge. Just the kind of project we like to be involved in! After the initial exchange of ideas, it was very clear that this was a wonderful fit; Richard Gagnon and his team possessed both the vision and a deep understanding of business specific issues their IT infrastructure had to contend with. And we had the Virtual Desktop technology that would allow Redlands to implement their next generation IT infrastructure. Fast-forward a year and Redlands’ innovation with the VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform* has won them an Infoworld 100 award for being a “shining example of [an] IT project undertaken by tech leaders committed to pushing their organization forward”. We couldn’t agree more! […]

November 18th, 2008|VDI News|