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Evolution: Virtualization As It Unfolded Into the Juggernaut It Is Today

A deep-dive into the world of virtualization would teleport you back to 1968, when IBM laid down the foundations for the CP-67 system in response to requirements from MIT & [...]

Alpine ISD Chooses VDIworks for Virtual Desktops

Texas School Chooses Austin Firm to Upgrade Desktops While Reducing Costs Austin, TX Thursday 25th June, 2015 VDIworks, a leading provider of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, today announced that [...]

June 25th, 2015|Newsroom|

VMBlog talks to VDIworks about the future of VDI in 2013

VMBlog is one of the oldest, and one of our most favorite online virtualization publications. We've been fans for a while and have enjoyed their broad coverage of [...]

November 26th, 2012|VDI News|

A cost effective storage strategy for VDI implementations

It's no secret that storage costs are a huge part of Virtual Desktop implementation budgets. Fancy SANs and storage management software can add big bucks to your VDI [...]

April 12th, 2012|VDI Architecture|

VideoOverIP was a hit at BriForum!

BriForum is always a great show and this year was no different. It’s great to mingle with true technologists and folks that really “get” virtualization. Conversations here are different than at your standard, “hand out the glossy” tradeshow. You get a tough audience asking difficult questions, but that’s ok, because they’re mostly well thought out. So, it was especially gratifying to see our new remoting protocol, VideoOverIP, generate large scale interest and get such awesome feedback at a venue like this. This being BriForum, we didn’t want to just show up with a Powerpoint (lame!) marketing flash presentations or datasheets. We went there with a live demonstration showing VideoOverIP running on a dual-monitor system. We chose relatively low-cost, run-of-the-mill Thinkpads as both client and host, just to make the point that there wasn’t a supercomputer behind the curtain rigged to show a “better than real” demonstration. We had another system running a Hypervisor with a group of Virtual Machines┬á managed by VDIworks VDP, our connection brokering and VDI management app. […]

August 4th, 2009|General & Informational, User Experience, VDI News|

The Future of VMware

You gotta love provocative titles such as the one plastered on this article! But I really don’t mean the content itself to be provocative. There’s recently been a lot of discussion about how VMware will fare now that Microsoft has released Hyper-V and is committing its considerable resources and energies to win in the Hypervisor space. I just figured I’d share my perspectives with you. The timing seems to be good┬ábecause this exact question – the future of VMware – has been coming up quite a bit in customer conversations and is clearly an important┬áconsideration for companies looking to invest large amounts of time and capital in virtualization rollouts. First off, I feel compelled to share a little bit of software industry history. Back in 1986/87, the revolutionary Intel 80386 chip came out. It brought to market several important innovations, such as virtual mode (yes, being “virtual” is not a new concept!) and access to extended memory. The 386’s virtual 8086 mode essentially allowed you to emulate a large number of concurrent 8086 processors with several performance and robustness (partitionining) optimizations. If Intel’s marketing dept could see the future, they would probably have called this feature “Virtual Cores”, but apparently the DeLorean wasn’t working properly that day! […]

July 3rd, 2008|Industry Analysis|