Long gone are the days when VDI was merely a hyped term. For the past four years the virtualization community has heralded each successive year as the “Year of VDI” (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). While adoption has definitely increased and many enterprises are actively considering desktop virtualization for their environments, let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits and yes i will try to avoid using technical jargon:

On Demand Access

You can anytime access the virtual desktop from anywhere and using any device like PC, Smart Phone, etc.

No Dependency On Machine

With virtual desktops, IT organizations are ending the dependency of machine, as there are no more requirements to configure a machine with specific set of applications and hardware. Moreover, there is no need to sit in front of a particular PC to carry out your tasks.

Low Cost

As per the IT experts, costs for managing and maintaining virtual desktops is almost 50% less in comparison to managing personalized desktops on several machines.


With virtual desktops, everything goes central i.e. all applications are installed centrally, updates are done centrally, and new installations are done centrally too. Thus, there are no chances left for virus contamination that often occurs due to user’s activities on local PC. Moreover, there is no need to run anti-virus scan on individual PCs.

Data Security

As every process is centralized, taking backup of the data has also become fast, easy, and secure. Apart from this, desktop virtualization offers security to the company’s confidential data as employees cannot take any data on local machine.

While desktop virtualization offers many benefits, there could be a few restrictions to it. For example, multimedia applications may be slow on virtual desktops, VDIworks VideoOverIP to the Rescue!

There is a growing set of VideoOverIP demos on YouTube now, including some showing DirectX applications, multi monitor Thin client support, Google Earth and NASA GIS applications, CAD and much more. Interested to know more about the product? get in touch with us at info@vdiworks.com. We would love to hear from you!