Successful School District Transformation. Hosted Virtual Desktop Happiness!

School district and managed service provider work together to provide much better user experience while saving the district
hundreds of thousands of dollars during technology refresh and Windows operating system upgrade by using VDI Solutions.

Students, teachers, and campus and district IT administrators are now using the latest Windows operating system, after years struggling with Windows XP service pack issues. The latest open source software packages are easily installed and maintained just like normal distributed PCs with none of the administrative nightmares. Data is secure, no more worries about equipment theft. The new virtual desktops are managed along with the remaining physical assets easier than ever before. We’ll never buy another desktop PC.

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With the ever evolving healthcare system and frequent introduction of new technology, managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and using Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) poses a challenge while ensuring HIPAA compliance. With the VDIworks Healthcare Solution for virtualization, not only do you have the freedom to choose your preferred hardware infrastructure but also select your favorite Hypervisor. See how large hospitals, multi-location practices and campus clinics are benefiting from virtualizing using VDIworks.

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Turnkey Solution: Select Managed Service Provider Partners Make VDI Even Easier.

MSP’s partner with VDIworks to deploy Virtual Desktop Platform on customer premise providing 24 x 7 remote IT support for all desktop needs. This is very popular solution for School Districts with fixed budgets.

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