VDI PRO is a powerful web based management application that combines all the components necessary to deploy Cloud hosted VDI, or Desktops as a Service (DaaS)™. VDI PRO delivers the following features:



Product Overview

  • Integrated access gateway that lets users on the public Internet connect to managed VMs without requiring a separate VPN solution.
  • Integration with the free XenServer™ Hypervisor, including support for VM cloning from templates, VM power management and more.
  • Support for the open, free VNC protocol and VNC clients for PC, Macintosh, Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry Devices.
  • Support for HTML5 access clients via full integration with the open noVNC Web client HTML5 app for connection to Linux VM’s.
  • Support for HTML5 access clients leveraging Microsoft RDP.
poolManagement VDI PRO

VDI PRO’s quick and easy startup interface allows Admins to be up and running with their VDI environment in under 4 hours.


Low Setup Cost

Many other commercial solutions are proprietary and expensive, and limit your choice in hosting providers and deployment models. Much of the management cost savings that might be realized often have to be spent on expensive licenses for additional software. The VDIStack initiative seeks to bring an alternative to the market so that enterprises, IT departments, hardware providers, MSPs, hosting providers and others can benefit from the potential of DaaS™ without paying hefty monthly fees for software rental, and without being tied to only certain “approved” hosting companies. You can deploy your own DaaS™ service on any dedicated server, at a colo facility, in your own Datacenter or even on your work group, remote office or home server.

VDIStack is currently based on the following components:

  • The free and open XenServer™ Hypervisor.
  • GNU/Linux Virtual Machines (Microsoft Windows is fully supported and is also an option).
  • The open VNC remoting protocol.
  • Microsoft’s RDP
  • VDIworks proprietary thin client software for Linux or Windows based clients
  • VDI PRO – VDIworks’ DaaS™ brokering, gateway, provisioning and management application.
poolManagement 1 VDI PRO

VDI PRO’s dashboard provides information about your entire VDI environment and how your VDI Cluster is performing.

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Cloud Based

Desktops as a Service (DaaS)™ is an exciting new Cloud based paradigm for end user computing. It can be deployed in both public or private cloud. It addresses numerous shortcomings that plague today’s PC infrastructure by lowering capital costs, reducing management overhead, increasing availability and security due to centralization and providing full support for mobility by making a user’s information experience accessible from any device, and any network.

To learn more about our products, please contact us at info@vdiworks.com
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