raspberry piVDIworks’ Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) version 3.1 to provide complete integration with the low-cost embedded device to turn it into a Thin Client.

Austin, Texas May 01, 2014

VDIworks, a leading provider of virtualization and cloud computing software, announced its support for the Raspberry Pi as a low-cost thin client via integration with the award-winning Virtual Desktop Platform.

VDIworks’ Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) provides end point management and brokers connections between physical hosts/Virtual Machines & Thin/Zero Clients. Being completely hardware and vendor agnostic, it provides IT administrators complete end-to-end management and the ability to manage their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from a single management console.

The Raspberry Pi offers an excellent low cost thin client option for people seeking to move their desktops to the data center, said Saad Hussain, President & CEO. Our Virtual Desktop Platform provides the same functionality via a Raspberry Pi as it does with any Windows or Linux based thin client. The only difference is that you need to now spend roughly $60/client as compared to the hundreds with other options that are available, he added.

The VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform is the industry’s most powerful VDI management suite. It encompasses all the major features required to create, deploy and manage a Virtual Desktop environment. Key features include the following:

1. The ability to broker connections between users or end points with physical or virtual hosts.
2. Monitoring and managing of Windows or Linux based virtual and physical desktops.
3. The ability to create VM Groups for shared and dedicated access.
4. Integration with local Workgroups or Active Directory to handle authentication.
5. Use of software based load balancing ensures users are connected to the healthiest resources.
6. Support for several different windows and Linux based thin clients via an installable app.
7. Out-of-band management via IPMI and in-band via Intel vPro (AMT). Full support for in band management through WMI, and alerting via SNMP.
8. Support for high end graphics using NVIDIA’S GRID technology.
9. Delivery of virtual sessions through RDP 8.0 and RemoteFX for true PC like performance.

As the VDI market has matured over the last few years, VDP has evolved into one of the industry’s best solutions catering to the diverse needs of the changing enterprise.

More information on the product is available on the VDIworks website, http://www.vdiworks.com/raspberry-pi-low-cost-thin-client.

About VDIworks:
VDIworks makes easy-to-use software that enables IT managers to centrally create, deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure. The company’s technology is based on more than 20 patents and is built on five generations of proven success with enterprise environments. VDIworks offers ultimate flexibility and preserves customer choice by giving customers the ability to deploy the right solution for the right user type, utilize any back-end hardware, end-point user access device or virtualization technology for desktop virtualization. The VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform streamlines and simplifies virtual desktop deployments, enabling IT organizations to gain improved management and control, ensuring data and asset security, delivering a superior end-user experience, and ensuring the business continuity and cost reductions promised by desktop virtualization to companies around the world. For more information on VDIworks, visit http://www.vdiworks.com