Cloud and VDI Management Software is available for free for Beta program participants.

Austin, TX December 17, 2013

VDIworks, a leading provider of virtualization and cloud computing software announced today the immediate availability of VDI PRO, a new virtual desktop delivery platform.

VDI PRO enables IT organizations to stand-up an extensive Virtual Desktop environment in a few hours. While IT Administrators enjoy complete end-to-end management, end users can log on to their virtual machines from anywhere, at any time via VDI PRO’s HTML5 access capabilities.

The US VDI Market will grow at 8.47% CAGR over the next 4 years while international demand for Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops is expected to show 65.7% growth over the same period, said Saad Hussain, President & CEO. The VDI and Desktops-as-a-Service markets are demonstrating explosive growth and we’re seeing a shift in how computing is delivered to users. We feel this is the perfect time to introduce a product which significantly improves the end user experience and adapts to the changing needs of the market, he explained.

VDI PRO is a powerful web based management tool which can be installed on any XenServer as a virtual appliance. Key features include the ability to:

1. Provision Windows® or Linux desktops.
2. Create VM Pools for shared and dedicated access.
3. Integrate with local workgroups or via Active Directory to handle authentication.
4. Provide access through an integrated gateway to allow users to connect from the internet without a VPN.
5. Provide full-screen desktop access via an HTML5 capable browser.
6. The ability to completely manage the XenServer Hypervisor.
7. Support BYOD or BYOC through the browser and platform native apps.
8. Support several different windows and Linux based thin clients via an installable app.

As the market for Desktops-as-a-Service and hosted virtual desktops enters a high-growth stage, VDI PRO allows hardware providers, Managed Service Providers, hosting companies to enable Cloud based offerings to their end users.

More information on the product is available on the VDIworks website, Free access to the beta release is available for a limited time.

About VDIworks:

VDIworks makes easy-to-use software that enables IT managers to centrally create, deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure. The company’s technology is based on more than 20 patents and is built on five generations of proven success with enterprise environments. VDIworks offers ultimate flexibility and preserves customer choice by giving customers the ability to deploy the right solution for the right user type, utilize any back-end hardware, end-point user access device or virtualization technology for desktop virtualization. The VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform streamlines and simplifies virtual desktop deployments, enabling IT organizations to gain improved management and control, ensuring data and asset security, delivering a superior end-user experience, and ensuring the business continuity and cost reductions promised by desktop virtualization to companies around the world. For more information on VDIworks, visit