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VideoOverIP now optimized for Hyper-V: Free Hypervisor + inexpensive protocol deliver perhaps the industry’s best VDI experience!

There. I said it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just below this paragraph, you can view a quick YouTube video we’ve just posted showing our new Hyper-V optimized version of VideoOverIP deliver blazing fast performance over a regular LAN. We think you’ll be impressed with the incredibly minor CPU overhead the protocol demonstrates even when a full screen 720p video is being played back. It continues to be codec independent, inexpensive, simple and quick to install and capable of supporting any Hypervisor and any Thinclient.If you aren’t quite sure what I’m going on about, it’s probably because you missed our recent announcement about Hyper-V optimized VideoOverIP. In that case, please, by all means┬átake a look at the release. httpv:// We’re thrilled with the results we’re achieving with VideoOverIP – technically, user feedback-wise and in terms of getting evaluations and customers signed on. Across the board, this has been a great product for us. The feedback we’re getting just confirms that user experience (hence, the protocol) IS a problem for folks looking to implement VDI. And what has been available so far on the market, for one reason or another, hasn’t quite solved the problem. […]

September 3rd, 2009|User Experience, VDI Architecture, VDI News|

VideoOverIP was a hit at BriForum!

BriForum is always a great show and this year was no different. It’s great to mingle with true technologists and folks that really “get” virtualization. Conversations here are different than at your standard, “hand out the glossy” tradeshow. You get a tough audience asking difficult questions, but that’s ok, because they’re mostly well thought out. So, it was especially gratifying to see our new remoting protocol, VideoOverIP, generate large scale interest and get such awesome feedback at a venue like this. This being BriForum, we didn’t want to just show up with a Powerpoint (lame!) marketing flash presentations or datasheets. We went there with a live demonstration showing VideoOverIP running on a dual-monitor system. We chose relatively low-cost, run-of-the-mill Thinkpads as both client and host, just to make the point that there wasn’t a supercomputer behind the curtain rigged to show a “better than real” demonstration. We had another system running a Hypervisor with a group of Virtual Machines┬á managed by VDIworks VDP, our connection brokering and VDI management app. […]

August 4th, 2009|General & Informational, User Experience, VDI News|

New video demo of VideoOverIP desktop remoting protocol shows Google Earth, CAD & full screen 720p playback

Sometimes there are no adjectives to adequately describe a piece of software. In times like these, one has to take literary license and resort to things like, “This rates super high on the kickass index”. Yeah. Check this video out and you’ll know what we mean. httpv:// If you’re thinking about deploying virtual desktops or have another centralized or remote computing project in mind you probably have a checklist that looks similar to the following: My VDI protocol wishlist 1) Inexpensive 2) Simple – shouldn’t drag a TON of unnecessary “infrastructure” software just to enable remoting 3) Should have excellent performance; glorious full motion, full screen HD videos and more! 4) Multimonitor capabilities. Why should my VDI users suffer with less real estate? 5) Should be compatible with all major Hypervisors, since I don’t want to be locked into a single vendor!!! […]

July 17th, 2009|Ease of use, User Experience|

The VDIworks team is heading to BriForum 2009. We’ll see you in Chicago!

We’re happy to announce that VDIworks will be a silver sponsor of TechTarget’s independent virtualization conference, BriForum 2009. Our team will be exhibiting at the event and demonstrating our recently released VideoOverIP high-speed desktop remoting protocol, as well as VDIworks2Go, our VDI product for mobile users. Since we launched VideoOverIP just about a month ago, the response has been pretty amazing! We’re generally getting excellent feedback on simplicity, flexibility, performance and configurability. Which is great, because those are precisely the design goals we had in mind when we architected the solution. […]

July 16th, 2009|General & Informational|

Add value to Microsoft’s virtualization platform? Yes, we can!

Greg Shields, writing for, covers technologies that add value on top of Microsoft’s virtualization stack. We’re pleased to see that Greg included VDIworks’ robust connection broker as one of the highlighted technologies. If you’ve been following our progress, you will probably be aware that VDIworks has been one of the leading desktop virtualization vendors in terms of the breadth and depth of support for the Microsoft platform. For instance, we were the first vendor to deliver a management plug-in for System Center that allows all of our core brokering, thinclient management and vendor-agnostic hypervisor capabilities to be accessed from within SCOM. In addition to System Center, we were also one of the first vendors to announce support for the then-unreleased Hyper-V hypervisor. For those of you who have extensive Microsoft infrastructure deployed in your environments, here’s a partial list of Microsoft technologies we support: […]

July 6th, 2009|General & Informational, Underneath the Hood|

What is the NetbookÔÇÖs place in the Universe? And what does it mean for VDI? – Part I

┬á The netbook form-factor is doing insanely well. ItÔÇÖs probably the only ray of light in an otherwise challenged PC industry. In fact, in just under 2 years, Netbooks now count for about 20% of the overall mobile PC (aka Laptop) shipments. This is very significant. The popularity and rapid proliferation of this form-factor begets a number of questions. For example: Are netbooks cannibalizing PCs and Laptops, and hence destroying the PC industry?┬á Are PC ASPs (Avg. Selling Price) going to be altered for ever? And if so, what does this mean for large PC businesses that were built on $1,500 ASPsÔǪ not $299 ASPs. Are they done for? Are netbooks a ÔÇÿstep backÔÇÖ in terms of being about as powerful as a ten-year old desktop? Is the popularity of the netbook going to constrain application innovation? (The argument goes something like this: developers want their apps to run on the largest number of devices. Netbooks being the lowest common denominator, will require apps to be ÔÇÿdumbed downÔÇÖ so that they can run them?) What do netbooks mean to alternate desktop delivery models, such as VDI? Are they complementary? An alternative? Irrelevant? Mutually exclusive? […]

June 12th, 2009|General & Informational, Industry Analysis|

I’m thinking about desktop virtualization. How much bandwidth do I need for VDI?

56Kbps? 100Kbps? 512Kbps or a 1Mbps link? How fast do you need it to go? This is a question we get often from customers and partners implementing Virtual Desktops. The truth is, in a hosted VDI scenario where you are connecting to your VM over a network, bandwidth can be an extremely important factor in determining the end-user experience. However, there are many facets to be considered so there is unfortunately no single answer to this question. What’s more importan than throwing out a number is to understand the tradeoffs involved and then arrive at the bandwidth numbers and quality of experience that suit you best. What is the bandwidth Requirement For VDI? At the low-end, you can get away with a 56Kbps connection (RDP), while at the high-end (RGS, PCoIP) you may require a 100Mbps LAN connection. In order to provide support for the widest range of network characteristics, VDIworks’ Virtual Desktop Platform┬ásupports over┬á half-a-dozen protocols that have each been tuned to work best in different circumstances. It is important to understand the tradeoffs between, bandwidth, latency, colour depth, sound quality, screen frame rate and cost for your specific environment. […]

June 7th, 2009|Learning about VDI, User Experience|

Is VMware View really THIS slow?

YouTube is great for remoting protocol comparison videos! Search the site and you'll find tons. Including, ahem, a few VideoOverIP videos we're fairly proud of. Since our VDI management product, [...]

May 29th, 2009|Learning about VDI, User Experience|

The remoting protocol for virtual desktops you’ve been waiting for…

Our engineering teams have been super busy lately, working on a new remoting protocol that solves many of the problems that plague VDI today.The end-user experience, solution cost and customer choice are all tied to the remoting protocol. If you choose RDP, you may have a low cost solution, but the performance just isn’t there. If you pick another, relatively higher performance protocol, it’ll be tied to particular hardware. And then there are protocols that only perform selective acceleration and are reliant on codecs on the client device itself. Problem, problem and problem. So, in order to advance VDI enablement technology and make the paradigm a more cost effective, open and higher performance alternative to legacy PCs, something has to be done about remoting protocol constraints! And we’re fully on board with that mantra… while we haven’t released the product to the public yet, we have provided it to several strategic partners and are far enough along to where we’re happy to share a very simple demo video with you. None of the advanced features of this new remoting protocol are highighted in this video… just the basic stuff. But we think you’ll find it interesting. So here goes: httpv:// ┬á […]

May 10th, 2009|User Experience, VDI Architecture|

Get your Virtual Desktops installed, nothing down!

VDIworks has partnered with CSI Leasing, a technology leasing company with a long history of serving technology buyers, to deliver leased Virtual Desktops. If you need the manageability, security and ease-of-use our Virtual Desktops deliver, but want to avoid the associated hardware/software acquisition cost, the CSI Leasing solution may be perfect for you. Nothing Down Virtual Desktops: VDIworks partners with CSI Leasing vdi […]

March 18th, 2009|General & Informational, VDI News|