New Trade-up Program Gives All Moka5 Customers an End-to-End VDI Solution

VDIworks, a leading provider of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, today announced a global initiative to upgrade all existing Moka5 customers to VDIworks, the leading end-to-end VDI solution. Organizations around the world have adopted desktop virtualization technologies and VDIworks is committed to supporting all virtualization customers in search for a better solution.

For organizations and partners looking to transition from a Moka5 Solution, VDIworks is offering a customized trade-up program. With this program, VDIworks is eliminating the need for Moka5 customers to double-pay for a solution. In some cases, customers can upgrade to VDIworks at the cost of existing Moka5 support and maintenance. Additionally, customers can significantly reduce the overall cost of the solution because VDIworks reduces management costs by up to 50%.

VDIworks virtual desktop solutions enable small and medium businesses to take advantage of virtualization technologies to deliver a better desktop experience to end users. VDIworks offers end-to-end management through a single pane of glass, and the software works with any virtualization technology hypervisor and with any hardware infrastructure.

We’re working closely with our partners to ensure we have full coverage for Moka5 customers who have been put in an unfortunate situation, said Saad Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of VDIworks. While they’re trying to run their businesses, now they’re faced with having to pay for an entire new solution and this program is removing that problem for them.

VDIworks solutions are made available through the VDIworks Partner Program and can also be delivered as a service. For more information on how to transition to the VDIworks Solution visit

About VDIworks

VDIworks makes easy-to-use software that enables IT managers to centrally create, deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure. With more than 20 patents and five generations of proven success in enterprise environments, VDIworks offers ultimate simplicity and flexibility, giving customers an infrastructure- and hypervisor-agnostic technology for desktop virtualization. The VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) offers IT organizations improved management and control, data and asset security, and a superior end-user experience. For more information on VDIworks, visit and follow us on twitter at

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