We┬áwouldn’t have led with that headline on the press release to avoid the ‘huh?!’ effect, but I can take liberties here. We’re coming out with an awesome product called VDIworks2Go and it’ll be shipping before the end of the year. This is┬áan extension to our current Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) which already provides full end-to-end management in a hosted VDI environment.

With VDIworks2Go, we’ll be able to support seamless virtual machines check-in and check-out. In effect, VDIworks2Go installed, VDP’s connection brokering interface will let you inform the system that you are about to disconnect from the network┬áand hence need a checked out copy of your VM. The VM gets streamed over to you and executes locally using a virtual machine player.┬á When you reconnect to the network, you can check the VM back in so that it can execute on a fast server, without taking up your local resources.

There are several pretty cool things about this product, but one of them is the block level differencing. We don’t synchronize the entire virtual machine when it changes, just the necessary parts.

From the IT administrator’s standpoint, in stead of having to deal with one VDI approach for fixed users and then a completely different approach for mobile users, everything can be managed in a single place. You can see who is checked in, who is mobile and audit trails in connection with the two. You can reprovision a different VM to a mobile user simply by using the connection brokering interface. The level of control is quite unprecedented.

For VDI in general, this technology has some important implications:

Multimedia experiences. We already support over a half-dozen remoting protocols, including HP’s RGS, and with VDIworks2Go will also allow high-end multimedia experiences to just run locally, with all the central management benefits, but with none of the protocol and network issues.

Extending datacenter capacity. While VDIworks2Go is targeted toward mobile users, System Administrators will discover another useful side effect. When server capacity reaches a high enough threshold, the Administrator can cause some Virtual Machines to migrate to PCs/Laptops that do have the resources to run them locally. This frees up server capacity for Thinclients that can’t efficiently run the VM on their own.

‘CVS’ for VMs, aka Multi-VM maintenance and switching. VDIworks2Go will allow you to check out more than VM to your local system if that is the policy set by the Administrator. With VDP’s current ‘picklist’ feature, once you log-in, you can view all the VMs assigned to you, and then double click one to launch it. Similarly, VDIworks2Go will extend that paradigm for local execution. You can activate any one of multiple VMs checked out to your system and rely on VDIworks2Go+VDP to act as a ‘CVS’ of sorts, for the VM (in the sense of synching/keeping remote backups).

Stay tuned. If you want to be notified via email when VDIworks2Go is available for download, please email us, and we’ll add you to the notification list.