There. I said it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just below this paragraph, you can view a quick YouTube video we’ve just posted showing our new Hyper-V optimized version of VideoOverIP deliver blazing fast performance over a regular LAN. We think you’ll be impressed with the incredibly minor CPU overhead the protocol demonstrates even when a full screen 720p video is being played back. It continues to be codec independent, inexpensive, simple and quick to install and capable of supporting any Hypervisor and any Thinclient.If you aren’t quite sure what I’m going on about, it’s probably because you missed our recent announcement about Hyper-V optimized VideoOverIP. In that case, please, by all means┬átake a look at the release.


We’re thrilled with the results we’re achieving with VideoOverIP – technically, user feedback-wise and in terms of getting evaluations and customers signed on. Across the board, this has been a great product for us. The feedback we’re getting just confirms that user experience (hence, the protocol) IS a problem for folks looking to implement VDI. And what has been available so far on the market, for one reason or another, hasn’t quite solved the problem.

Many of you may have heard the interesting VMware announcement about soft PCoIP. Teradici and VMware are partnering to port the PCoIP protocol from ASIC to software, supporting it on VMware Hypervisors. Of course, VideoOverIP has been available now for a couple of months on VMware platforms. We’re supporting not only ESX, but also the free VMware Server. In fact, for smaller VDI environments, or where cost is a major factor, we’re happy to get you up and running with an unmatched user experience hosted by the free VMware Server product. Because we’re pricing VideoOverIP modestly, this means you can get an awesome VDI system for next to nothing!

As your needs grow and you require a connection broker, integration with datacenter management apps like System Center, or offline/client VDI, we have individual solutions for all those needs too. Start simple, start small and expand when you feel comfortable with the technology. Based on our extensive interaction with customers, we completely understand that it can be both costly and frustrating (not to mention, unnecessary!!) ┬áto assimilate a garguantan software infrastructure just to experience a remoting protocol. And that’s precisely why we worked hard to reduce VideoOverIP to a small installer that is downloaded and installed within a VM or on a physical system in 5-8 minutes.

There is a growing set of VideoOverIP demos on YouTube now, including some showing DirectX applications, multimonitor Thin client support, Google Earth and NASA GIS applications, CAD and much more. Click this link to list our videos on YouTube.

As I mentioned, we’ve supported VMware hypervisors for months – as well as Xen and Hyper-V. But now with our latest round of Hyper-V optimization work, MSFT aficianados and customers with Microsoft infrastructure predominant in their datacenters can benefit even more from VideoOverIP’s high-end user experience.

So… please visit our website and feel free to download the product, try it out for yourself, get in touch with us for more info if you’d like and most of all, please share your thoughts and feedback! info [at] – we love hearing from you!