VMBlog got Amir to take out his crystal ball and talk about the future of virtualization!

VMBlog got us to take out our crystal ball and talk about the future of virtualization!

VMBlog is one of the oldest, and one of our most favourite online virtualization publications. We’ve been fans for a while and have enjoyed their broad coverage of companies and technologies in the VDI space. Recently, VMBlog sat down to talk with Amir Husain, our President and CEO, about his views on the future of virtualization generally, and VDI specifically. The discussion was pretty interesting! Here’s an extract, followed by a link the VMBlog piece:

“One idea whose time I believe has finally arrived, is Desktops-as-a-Service. Under this model, the device will no longer primarily be an OS/application execution endpoint, but rather a visualization layer – a window into a virtual computer with unlimited capacity, growing and shrinking in an elastic fashion at some highly secure remote datacenter. Of course, end point devices will provide ever richer means of interaction via multi-touch gestures, visual cues ala Kinect, voice recognition ala Siri and numerous other methods. This means that processing at the endpoint will still occur, it will just be of a different nature. And this rich means of interaction will need to be “connected” to the actual applications hosted in the Cloud. Remoting protocols, as a consequence, will evolve considerably to enable richer forms of end user interaction, while working around latency challenges and making the entire end-to-end computing experience seamless.”

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