Finally an alternative to the cost and complexity of VMware and Citrix.

Never before has it been so easy to transition to virtual desktops, whether you’re facing a Windows upgrade or a technology refresh, now VDIworks has the best answer for small and medium business IT administrators.

Everything you need to get your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure off the ground.

With over 44,000+ Users and counting, VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP) software most complete and easiest to use integrated virtual and physical desktop management platform on the market.

Install VDIWorks' VDP software

Connect to your Hypervisor of choice.

Install your desktop

hardware or software clients

Manage your VM templates

Connections brokered between clients and virtual and physical datacenter resources

Install VDIWorks' VDP software

Connect to your Hypervisor of choice.

Install your desktop

hardware or software clients

Manage your VM templates

Connections brokered between clients and virtual and physical datacenter resources

VDI that works! From VDIworks!

Are you looking for help with an operating system migration?

Are you looking for help with a desktop computer replacement or technology refresh?,

Do you need help making VDI and physical desktops work together making them easier to manage at lower costs?

Are you looking for help with Linux virtual desktops?

Do you need help with simplifying your overall IT systems management for you company?

We make incorporating virtual desktops into your IT environment easier to provision and support than traditional desktop PCs with no compromise to end user satisfaction.

Desktop Administrator with VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform (VDP)

End-to-end control: The easiest tool available to manage both your virtual and physical desktops.

VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform not only spins up VMs but will amaze IT administrators as it performs its auto-discovery of IT assets, giving admins unfettered control of zero clients, thin clients, VMs, different vendor hypervisors, host computing resources, user permissions, proactive health status monitoring and alerting, and hundreds more contextual IT views and controls..

VDP does VDI the right way

Robust Features: The Proof Is In The Performance

VDIworks provides the only solution that encompasses server management, hypervisor management, virtual machine management, connection management and thin-client/desktop (endpoint) management in a single, easy to use application.

The level of integration achieved makes life simple for help-desk support personnel and systems administrators. Instead of half a dozen disparate management consoles and tools, now perform over 95% of all tasks within the VDP environment. Saves time, drives up efficiency and makes it far easier to train and retain IT staff.

VDP Discovery

Universal Discovery

Universally discover all managed assets, whether they are Virtual Machines, Hypervisors, Thin Clients, Blades, Servers or users and groups in your Active Directory environment. All these assets can be managed through a single, easy to use console that support views, filters and security rights delegation
VDP Connection Broker

Connection Switching

Users customize their environments and it’s vital that these customizations and configurations are maintained between connections. Connection switching, profile and data redirection ensure that if a user switches between VMs or sessions they have a consistent environment.
VDP Dashboard

Customizable Dashboards

Instead of half a dozen disparate management consoles and tools, now perform over 95% of all tasks within the VDP environment. Saves time, drives up efficiencies and makes it far easier to train and retain IT staff.
VDP User Administration

User & Security Administration

Solution provides authentication and single-sign-on through Active Directory integration and other security features including Mass Storage and ID-based Device Lockout, active process monitoring with alerting on suspicious events and extensive audit logs and reporting.
VDP Security Administration

Monitoring, Alerts, Events & Active Scripts

Build libraries of customizable alerts, self-healing scripts that can easily be configured and custom built to the business requirements of your end users’ needs. Extensive use of open data formats such as XML, and standards like SOAP, allow automation scripts to be written with ease and data to be exported to other management and reporting tools.
VDP Asset Reporting

Asset Management & Reporting

VDIworks’ virtual management platform is capable of discovering, configuring and maintaining physical assets such as servers, thin clients and desktops. It delivers a complete picture of physical and virtual machine inventory including installed applications, processor and memory configuration, hardware capabilities and vendor specific information.
VDP Connection Mapping

Connection Broker Mapping

Responsible for distributing sessions from clients to VMs or physical resources and for redirecting users of disconnected sessions back to their original VMs or broken sessions. Smart brokers allow brokering for thin or zero client basis as well as on a user basis to enable special use cases.
VDP Hypervisor Agnostic Virtual Machine Admin

Hypervisor Agnostic VM Management

We don’t lock you into a single hypervisor platform. We support ESX, VMware Server, Xen and Hyper-V. You can concurrently run multiple Hypervisors in your environment, or can move to a new solution, without impacting your existing install at all.
VDP View Administration

View Administration

Create and manage multiple environments with the included functionality to create specific administrator access levels utilizing existing Active Directory users and group roles. This capability enables assignable dashboards and views to delegate activities, monitoring, alerting and reviewable audit trails.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Resource & Element Discovery

  • Asset Management & Inventory Control

  • Broker Client Connections to Windows and Linux-based Host Resources

  • Rapid Return-to-Service in Mission Critical Environments

  • Software-based Load Balancing

  • Load Management Configurable Limits on Simultaneous Users per Host

  • Broker Linux Physical & Virtual Workstations

  • Follow-me Sessions

  • Easy Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs)

  • Manage Software & Firmware Upgrades

  • In-band Management (WMI)

  • Out-of-band Management (IPMI)

  • Manages Pools of VMs, Hypervisors, Hosts, Zero Clients, Thin Clients, & Users

  • Wake on LAN

  • Active Directory (AD) Based Authentication

  • User Log-in from Anywhere

  • Configurable Alerting on Health, Events & Triggers

  • Email Messaging

  • Active & Proactive Health Monitoring & Alerting (SNMP 3rd Party Applications)

  • Remote Management of Hardware Resources

  • Detailed Audit Reports

  • Manage & Provision Entire Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Mass Storage Lockout

  • Multiple Protocol Support ( PCoIP, RGS, RDP, RemoteFX, VNC)

  • Deep Integration with Leading Hypervisors

  • Active Directory Single-Sign-On

  • Card Reader Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers Drive Our Software Innovation.

VDIworks has a cadre of very loyal and happy customers who almost consider us their own software resource. Our professional software engineers enjoy meeting with customers to hear first-hand about our customers’ challenges. We get special satisfaction hearing about a significant problem and offering a workable, affordable solution when customization is required.  Here’s just a fraction of our 44,000 fans.

Some of our Customers using VDI that Works

Awards, Accolades, and Applause: But Nothing Beats a Satisfied Customer.

Sure we love recognition, but even our customers are proud of us too. It is comforting to know your software partner is constantly pushing themselves to innovate on your behalf. We’re not just keeping up with technology change, we’re inventing it.

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Extremely Flexible Deployment Options

VDIwork’s Virtual Desktop Platform can be deployed as a turnkey virtual desktop without the cost and complexity of VMware or Citrix VDI– perfect for School Districts with tight budgets.  It may also be deployed  to enable Remote Access to higher performance Blade PCs and Engineering Workstations for enterprises with higher computing performance requirements. It may also be used for both simultaneously  and brings the promises of BYOD to the enterprise today.

Q3_2014_image_00121Slide thumbnailZero or Thin Clients in a VDI environment
Q3_2014_image_00122Slide thumbnailZero or Thin Clients in a physical environment
Q3_2014_image_00123Slide thumbnailZero or Thin Clients in a VDI and Physical Hybrid environment
Q3_2014_image_00125Slide thumbnailZero or Thin Clients in a VDI and Physical Hybrid environment with mobility BYOD

Successful School District Transformation. Hosted Virtual Desktop Happiness!

School district and managed service provider work together to provide much better user experience while saving the district
hundreds of thousands of dollars during technology refresh and Windows operating system upgrade.

School children using Virtual Desktops

Students, teachers, and campus and district IT administrators are now using the latest Windows operating system, after years struggling with
Windows XP service pack issues.
The latest open source software packages are easily installed and maintained just like normal distributed PCs with none of the administrative nightmares.
Data is secure, no more worries about equipment theft.  The new virtual desktops are managed along with the remaining physical assets easier than ever before.  We’ll never buy another desktop PC.

Tell Me More About Solutions for Schools

See how ClearCube Technology
Uses VDP for CVDI Management.

ClearCube Sentral powered by VDP
ClearCube Sentral User
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Turnkey Solution: Select Managed Service Provider Partners Make VDI Even Easier.

MSP’s partner with VDIworks to deploy Virtual Desktop Platform on customer premise providing 24 x 7 remote IT support for all desktop needs.  This is very popular solution for School Districts with fixed budgets.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) usage scenario
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